Bent, Compressed, Stretched


re·sil·ient[ri-zil-yuhnt, -zil-ee-uhnt] adjective1.springingback;rebounding. 2.returningtotheoriginalformorpositionafterbeingbent,compressed,orstretched. 3.recoveringreadilyfromillness,depression,adversity,orthelike;buoyant.

I have always been grateful that my childhood was not any worse than it was.

I was born in 1968 to two unmarried alcoholics in their early 20s. Since they lived in a Common Law state, they were considered legal married when they have a child, so when my dad decided that he would rather be a girl than a dad, they had to go through the legal process of divorce when I was four. I do not remember their drinking, but I do remember being alone a lot.

In the 2 years that followed the divorce, I remember the AA meetings and the men my mother met there and brought home. I remember live-in boyfriends who hit her. During her 6-month second marriage I remember leaving in the middle of the night with nothing but my nightgown--I do not know how many times. Fin…